Alberta is feeling extra generous lately. The premier, Jason Kenney, has released a video stating that the province has a large enough stockpile of medical supplies and masks that they can now begin to help other provinces. In a tweet, Kenney says that Alberta is sending masks to others all around Canada because the province was super prepared for COVID-19. A massive shipment was loaded onto a cargo plane in Edmonton on Thursday, April 16, and is headed for Ontario. 

Just one week ago, Jason Kenney shared his thoughts about President Donald Trump not sharing masks with Canada, calling his actions “disappointing.”

Kenney has now announced that he will be shipping masks from Alberta to others in Canada who may not have enough. 

In a tweet, Kenney notes that Alberta is fortunate enough to be “well-prepared with ample #COVID-19 equipment and supplies.” Because of this preparedness, Kenney is wanting to make sure other Canadians are receiving proper supplies. 

“That’s what the Alberta spirit is all about,” wrote the premier. 

Since the province is following public health orders, he argues, hospitalizations are down, which means less equipment is being used. 

Accompanied by the tweet is a nearly two-minute-long video regarding the supply shipment

Kenney states that the shipment is going out from Alberta to Ontario “to show that Alberta is there with fellows Canadians during their time of need.”

The shipment includes 50 ventilators with filters and other equipment to operate the ventilators. The package is set to arrive at St. Michael's Hospital in downtown Toronto. 

In addition to the ventilators, 250,000 N95 masks to be used by health service workers will be sent to B.C., Ontario, and Quebec. 

“We are fortunate that in Alberta we were better prepared than most places for the pandemic because we started ordering stuff on the very first rumours of a flu in Hubei province in China back last December," said the Premier in his video. 

The province allegedly has enough of a stockpile to handle both Alberta’s needs and help others. 

Throughout the video, Kenney reiterates that Alberta is always there for fellow Canadians to help fight COVID-19. 

But he isn’t the only official offering a display of solidarity. Doug Ford also announced that he would be personally loading tons of masks in his pickup truck to help health care workers. 

According to City News, data from the province shows that there are plenty of ventilators to handle the expected COVID-19 peak next month. 

The province also has enough personal protection equipment to last until the end of May, with more supplies on the way.  

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