Spring is coming to an end, and summer is just on the horizon. However, as usual, the weather did not exactly get the memo, and not one, but a couple provinces are expected to be hit by snowy, winter-like weather this weekend. For the long weekend weather in Alberta, some snow is forecasted, according to The Weather Network

Although it won't be anything major, it is already getting to the end of May and closer to the beginning of summer, yet more winter-like weather with some snow in the mix is continuing to make minor comebacks in parts of Canada.

Parts of Alberta are expected to see some snowfall this upcoming weekend. "Rain is expected for southern Alberta on Friday and Friday night, but snow will fly for the southern and central Rockies and into the foothills," says The Weather Network.

In Alberta cities like Calgary, wintery weather will make a return in a mild form. "We're also watching the potential for the rain to mix with or change to wet snow in the Calgary area, but any accumulations should be minor compared to what we saw just a couple weeks ago," says The Weather Network.

Not only will some snow or wet snow hit parts of the province, but temperatures will also feel more like winter than spring. "Temperatures will be well below seasonal across the south, with above seasonal conditions likely in the north," says The Weather Network.

For example, Edmonton is expected to receive temperatures in the double digits, while Calgary is forecasted to see temperatures that feel closer to freezing.

As you can see on the map below from The Weather Network, some snow is forecasted for several regions in Southern Alberta and even parts of BC close to the Alberta border. 

Alberta has not exactly been free from winter's reign this spring season. Last month, parts of Alberta were forecasted to receive up to 30 cm of snow! Calgary also saw a surprise snow storm with around 15 cm of snowfall

Alberta isn't the only province forecasted to see some wintery weather this long weekend. According to The Weather Network, some wet snow is forecasted for parts of Saskatchewan, but it won't be anything significant.

"It's a rainy outlook for southwestern Saskatchewan, mixed with some wet snow in the Cypress Hills on Friday and lingering into Saturday morning as well," says The Weather Network.

Well, at least many other parts of Canada are enjoying more mild, spring-like weather this May long weekend. 

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