The weird and scary weather that Canada has been experiencing lately isn’t over yet. Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan's weather forecast shows that they are at risk of tornadoes and large hail this weekend. If you find yourself outside, you may want to take cover. 

Heading into the Canada Day long weekend, Environment Canada issued tornado, large hail, and flash flood warnings for several provinces. According to The Weather Network, these warnings aren’t over. 

The Weather Network has stated that prairie provinces will be heading into the weekend with a bang. Literally. Strong thunderstorms are expected to spread across the region as we head into the long awaited weekend. 

While Friday will remain dry for parts of Alberta, Saturday has stormy skies that will be present in the afternoon and evening. This could make the Calgary Stampede one interesting day. 

For the remainder of today, places in Saskatchewan can expect to see some strong storms mostly in the southwestern region. According to The Weather Network, the main threat with the storms will be heavy rain and gusty winds. 

On Saturday, southern Alberta is expected to have a stormy atmosphere. Thunderstorms and tornados are a possibility throughout certain regions. 

Along with these Alberta storms on Saturday will come hail, strong winds, and heavy downpours. “One concern is the wind profile, which suggests winds will twist with height in the atmosphere -- a setup that is favourable to support supercell thunderstorms and, potentially, tornadoes,” wrote The Weather Network. 

On Sunday and Monday, the intense storms will move into more of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The storms will be scattered and will also bring along with them intense downpours and flash flooding. 

The risk of strong winds, hail, and tornadoes will be a possibility of Saskatchewan as Sunday approaches. Come Monday, Manitoba is expected to have the same risk. 

According to Environment Canada, the following locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan are currently under weather watches.


  • Cypress Hills Provincial Park - Foremost


  • Assiniboia - Gravelbourg - Coronach
  • Shaunavon - Maple Creek - Val Marie - Cypress Hills

If you find yourself in these areas, or outside at the Calgary Stampede, prepare for the worst! 

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