It sounds like carjacking may be an exhausting gig. On Tuesday, October 6 Alberta RCMP said they found two guys in their 20s fast asleep in a stolen vehicle on the side of a highway.

According to an Alberta RCMP Facebook post, a vehicle parked on the side of the road caught an officer's attention as he was driving along Highway 11 near Rocky Mountain House.

"The driver's side back seat door was open, and a pair of legs were dangling out," explained the post.

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charges issued to both guys

When the officer looked up the plates, he realized they were stolen and didn't match the vehicle he was parked behind, which was also reported stolen.

While the two sneaky thieves were catching up on their beauty sleep, the officer took the keys out of the vehicle and called for backup.

The driver eventually woke up on his own and was immediately arrested but the other guy had to be shaken awake by officers.

Both guys were charged with Possession of Stolen Property and with Possession of Stolen Property Under.

The driver was released but the passenger had seven outstanding warrants and was held in custody.

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