It’ll be a short leap from fall to winter weather in some parts of Canada this September. According to The Weather Network, cities in Alberta are in for snowfall. The forecasted Alberta snowfall will be brought on by Arctic winds, making temperatures plummet so dramatically that Albertans could be swapping their shorts and t-shirts for hats and gloves.

The expected snowfall won’t just be coating the Rockies either; it’s also on the table for several major cities.

According to weather experts, the weather pattern shift will be caused by a low-pressure system over the northern Prairies. It is expected to strengthen as it moves towards Hudson Bay where it’ll collide into a block in the jet stream. All that fancy weather talk simply means that freezing air from the Arctic will be forced down to Alberta by the end of the week.

A 20-degree temperature drop between Monday and Friday is going to create the perfect environment for Albertans to get an early taste of winter this week.

The early snowfall is expected to hit the Rockies the hardest, which isn’t surprising given the time of year. However, Edmonton could also get plenty of the white stuff by next Sunday.

Southern Ontario is also expected to cool down from the July-like heat it experienced this weekend. However, residents face an ongoing risk of thunderstorms and rainfall this week as opposed to snow. Cooler conditions will hold steady for much of the first week of fall as Mother Nature prepares to shake off summer for good.

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