Just when it starts to feel like spring, Alberta likes to remind us that we haven't put in our time just yet. The Weather Network issued a warning on the morning of Thursday, March 5, 2020, stating that much of the Western Prairies are set to see a snow dump over the weekend. Alberta's weather this weekend will see a massive temperature plunge alongside the snow accumulation. 

Winter is back on, folks.

According to the Weather Network, the rest of the week across most of Alberta is still going to retain the mild, pleasant temperatures that we've gotten used to in the past few weeks. Some Southern Alberta locations are even predicted to go up to 15 C on Friday afternoon. 

This is exactly how we fall into the hopefulness of spring trap time and time again. 

Calgary, for example, could reach a high of 7 C on Friday, whereas Edmonton will be floating in around the -1 C mark. Which is what most Edmontonians consider a mild day at this point anyway. 

But then comes the weekend, where most of us Albertans are going to experience the force of this "winter weather whiplash."

A "cold front" will be spreading across Southern and Central Alberta, so by Saturday afternoon, many areas across the province will witness a temperature drop of about 15 C to 20 C within just 36 hours. 

Once you add in the wind chill, and one always adds that in, you will be shivering in the cold at temperatures with highs of -15 C in many parts of Alberta. 

This weather map below gives you an idea of how certain towns across Alberta will be faring amidst the cold weather. 

Environment Canada predicts a complete snow day for Edmonton on Saturday, with a high of -13 C and a low of -10 C. Calgary isn't much better with a slightly better low of -9 C. 

This blast of frigid weather will facilitate a widespread snow accumulation around the region, with 5 to 10 centimetres of snow expected for much of south and central Alberta, as per the Weather Network. 

It could be worse but it also could be much, much better. 

Thankfully, the temperature is supposed to pick up for both cities by early next week. Calgary returns to the positive side of the measure, with the city hitting 10 C on Tuesday. Edmonton follows suit with a high of 7 C on Tuesday as well. 

That's good enough for us, but it still means we have to survive yet another cold weekend. The struggle never ends for us Albertans. 

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