While the calendar has officially flipped over to December, Mother Nature has a different plan for Alberta’s weather this week.

In fact, The Weather Network is reporting that the province will be welcoming temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees above normal for a week beginning on Wednesday, December 2.

On Thursday, they are predicting temperatures up to 13 C in Calgary. Honestly, we would take that kind of heat any day of the year.

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Edmonton will be welcoming a cooler week, with about 4 C on Thursday compared to Calgary 13 C. Though, 4-degrees is basically bathing suit weather for Albertans. 

Don't get used to the tropical vibes because after a week of sun and positive numbers on the thermometer, we'll be diving right into regular winter programming. 

In fact, the second half of December is predicted to bring bitter cold and a whole lot of snow. 

If you're a sucker for a white Christmas, you're in luck. 

Though, you might want to start scoping your Netflix lineup so you have no excuse to leave the house. 

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