You can finally fulfil your dream of marrying your best friend. Well, marrying them to their soon-to-be spouse. Under the Government of Alberta's new pilot project, anyone can become an Alberta wedding officiant for one day. The old rule stated that the government required written approval to let any individual officiate a wedding but as part of this project, you can just sign up on their website for free. 

This pilot project was launched by the Alberta government back in November 2019 to address growing complaints that it had become too difficult for anyone to act as a temporary wedding commissioner.

So they're trying to remove the barriers associated with officiating weddings for your friends and family members. 

Under the new rules, you can just go on the website, make sure you're qualified, and apply to be a temporary wedding commissioner.

The application takes about a week to process, so it gives you enough time to plan out the nuptials. And write out your perfectly tear-jerking and hilarious speech. 

The requirements to become a wedding commissioner are fairly standard, as outlined on the website.

You must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, be of at least 18 years of age, officiate only a civil, non-religious ceremony, and of course, the wedding must take place in Alberta. 

Lest you go on thinking that you're qualified enough to jumpstart a wedding officiating business, you also can't charge a fee to officiate the ceremony, and cannot advertise yourself as a professional, permanent marriage commissioner. 

“We will be evaluating the pilot project this spring and will determine any next steps,” Service Alberta told Global News.

It's just for one day and one day only. But we're going to make sure that day is absolutely wonderful

The whole process is completely free and once the Government reviews your application, you will get a package in the mail detailing further instructions. 

So now is the best time to get in touch with friends and family who are planning to get hitched and give them a proposal of your own. Who doesn't like a bit of romance in their lives?

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