At least one teen in Grande Prairie, Alberta was sent to the hospital after a vicious organized fight broke out last week. The fight was just one in a sequence of organized battles local RCMP are referring to as a "fight club." RCMP have warned the city's schools and parents in a letter sent out on Thursday, February 6.

Those involved in the fights were aged 16 to 18. RCMP say several have received serious injuries, though they couldn't say how many, reported The Canadian Press via CBC.

"Information suggested the fights were possibly taking place in school parking lots and may be organized by other young adults (age range possibly between 18-24)," wrote RCMP Media Relations Manager Fraser Logan to Narcity.

"We’ve definitely not heard that there were any parents involved at all. It’s young adults. We haven’t identified or confirmed yet the ages, but 18 to 24, in that age group,” said Cpl. Candace Hrdlicka to the Canadian Press.

While fights often break out, it's rare to see this level of organization, especially among high school students.

In a statement to CTV News, Grande Prairie School Board Superintendent Karl Germann wrote: "The fight is pre-arranged, the location and times is selected, and certain students are invited to the fight."

"Cars form a circle and turn on their lights. The fight then occurs and is video taped," he added.

While no arrests have been made so far, RCMP told CTV News that teens could be charged for assault, even if the fights are consensual.

"All persons gathering in a public space for the above purpose may be further in contravention of the Criminal Code," read a copy of the RCMP letter shared with Narcity.

Crime in Grande Prairie is not atypical and the city has been ranked as one of the most dangerous in Canada. They were 14th on Canada’s Most Dangerous Places list in 2019.

"The RCMP sent the letter to try and curb the behaviour before it escalated or further injuries occurred," wrote Logan to Narcity.

Grand Prairie's school boards have sent copies of the letter to parents of students.

Logan said there's not much information about the investigation open to the public currently, other than what was provided.

Narcity has reached out to the Grande Prairie Public School Board and the City of Grande Prairie for comment and will update this story.

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