Just because the calendar says it's spring doesn't mean Alberta will get the memo. The forecast has been released for the coming month, and as it stands, Alberta's April weather is set to be a whole lot more wintery than some of us may have hoped. If you already didn't have plans to leave the house, you sure won't now. 

We've got the scoop on April from the Weather Network, and their forecast is not giving us any false illusions about spring weather. Don't even think about patio furniture and shorts yet, winter is sticking around. 

All in all, most of the Canadian weather will be resembling the same patterns as what we experienced during March. 

But keep in mind that Alberta always leads the pack when it comes to cold temperatures in the "spring." We've already endured a record-breaking winter, so it's not like we can't handle this next stretch of cold weather. 

According to the Weather Network, April is set to bring winter-like weather across much of the Prairies. Western Canada is also slated to experience miserably cold weather from B.C. to Western Manitoba. 

While eastern provinces such as Ontario and Quebec are going to be seeing temperatures rise to warmer than usual, Albertans are going to be facing hard winter temperatures far outside the norm. 

This map is a visual representation of how the weather is going to vary across Canada in the first 10 days of April. As you can tell, the Alberta region is covered in lilac and even features a considerable blob of purple. 

According to the scale attached to the right, purple represents the temperatures between -11 C and -14 C, whereas the lilac presents a range between -7 C and -10 C. 

Alberta is actually going to be colder than Yukon and the Northwest Territories, according to the map. So it's safe to say that we're not free of winter just yet. 

The report even mentioned that Alberta is slated to experienced the coldest temperatures relative to normal than any other province in Canada. 

We really excel at setting those cold records, don't we?

However, the experts also stated that these temperatures will get milder as we move into the middle of April. Our cold temperatures will then be carried over to the likes of Ontario and Quebec. 

But that change is only going to be temporary because as we approach May, Western Canada will once again go back to chilly temperatures. 

Global News confirmed the predictions, stating that the leftover Arctic cold air will move to our province over the spring. 

They said that we can potentially expect more snowstorms in spring as well. And Albertans might even face flooding as the snow dump in the mountains melts over the spring. 

For the time being, just stay home and get cozy. Alberta is holding onto winter for dear life. 

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