Have you ever found yourself on a packed bus, gazing out the window between the tangle of arms and thinking, 'there must be another way'? Or perhaps you've seen kids sailing down the street on scooters and thought longingly about your own childhood scooter rides. Well, your world is about to change with Alberta's launch of new, exciting transit. Alberta's public electric scooters will be hitting the streets soon and we can't wait to hop on!

Bird Canada, a newly founded e-scooter company backed by Raptors founder John Bitove, plans to launch the vehicles in both Calgary and Edmonton. The scooters will be rolling out any day now, and you're definitely going to want to catch a ride.

Between 500 and 1,000 scooters will kick off the launch in each city. The company has also rented space for parking and scooter repair. The scooters are a great alternative to public transit, and with a rise in sales of e-scooters in the province, Alberta is the perfect place for the initiative to begin.

The price of renting a scooter is expected to be similar to other public transit. You can expect to pay $4- $5 for short rides. Unlike buses and trains though, you'll have the freedom of travelling wherever and whenever you want and won't have to worry about crowds. It is said that the inititave is being implemented for a 16 month trial.

While rentals are likely to decline during the winter months, the scooters are expected to do well during the rest of the year. Keep an eye out for scooter stations next to your house, after all, how cool would it be to show up to work on one of those?

Bird E-Scooters

Price: $1.15 to unlock, 35 cents per minute

Location: Calgary, Edmonton

Why you need to try this: This is a cool new way of getting around, and is a great alternative to public buses!


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