As long as we stop hoarding, the province isn't going to starve anytime soon. On Thursday, March 26, Alberta's Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Devin Dreeshen told the public that Alberta's food supply will be maintained amid the pandemic. However, he's also condemned the actions of hoarders who engage in bulk buying and thus harm food security for others. 

"Alberta's food production and distribution systems are diverse and stable. We are in constant contact with our partners in Alberta's food supply chain." 

He said that we should be confident that the necessary steps are being taken to ensure that people have all the food that they could possibly need during such a crisis. 

To support these measures, the provincial government has made a request to the federal government to deem the food supply chain as an essential service

Additionally, the government is focusing on maintaining a strong and open trade relationship with the United States, so that the movement of essential goods can be conducted between Canada and the U.S. 

But Dreeshen did say that although Alberta's supply chain is responding well, "it is not business as usual." 

"Some have unnecessarily been stockpiling and bulk-buying out of fear of future shortages," he shared.

As a result, retailers have reported that total sales have grown by 50% and sales per customer have doubled.

Although stores around the province have been implementing special measures to make sure that vulnerable populations are able to shop safely, the stockpiling is still continuing to be an issue. 

"Do not hoard food and daily essentials. The system is intact and people should be mindful of irrational panic buying and the impact it has on neighbours," Dreeshen said. 

Additionally, Dreeshen said that the government is coordinating with federal agencies to ensure that indigenous peoples have equal opportunity for health, safety, and "not falling behind." 

The government is also working with retailers to deliver foods to rural and remote communities. 

Just on Tuesday, March 24, Jason Kenney slammed hoarders, saying that there "should be a special place in hell" for those that are stockpiling and leaving the vulnerable groups in the dust. 

Dreeshen echoes the same message in his press conference, underlining that Albertans don't need to hoard and stockpile like an apocalypse is coming. 

There is plenty of food to last us through the pandemic. 

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