AirPods have been a massive hit for Apple, to say the least, and it looks like now other tech giants are following suit. Amazon is now reportedly set to release their own version of Apple AirPods as soon as this year. According to Bloomberg, the company is now working on its own wireless earbuds that are similar to AirPods. 

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Amazon's Alexa will be getting its first-ever wearable product – these new AirPod-like earbuds. Although no images have been released yet of the new headphones, they will be wireless earbuds like Apple's AirPods, so you can expect them to look similar. 

If you are dying to get your hands on these new earbuds from Amazon, we're happy to tell you that you won't have to wait long. These new earbuds from Amazon are even believed to hit markets this year! Bloomberg reports that the company is planning to release its new wireless product in the later half of 2019. 

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Amazon is a huge tech company with tons of successful endeavours and their new wireless earbuds could be a complete gamechanger. Given how popular Apple's AirPods have been, we definitely would not be surprised if this was a huge hit. 

So what will these new headphones from Amazon be like? They will be similar to AirPods in both their look and function, but the tech giant is planning to make the audio quality even stronger, according to Bloomberg

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The new wireless earbuds will also have the Alexa software built-into them, Bloomberg reports, which means that you'll be able to give voice commands to complete various tasks, whether its ordering products or listening to music, searching up information and more.  

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This will mark Amazon's first ever attempt at wireless earbuds. Amazon already offers smart home speakers like the Amazon Echo, and they've been a huge success. Based on this as well, combined with the company's past history and expertise as well as the immense popularity of AirPods, we expect that their new wireless earbuds will be a major hit. 

We cannot wait to see what these new Amazon wireless earbuds are like when they are expected to hit markets later this year! Watch out Apple, it looks like you have some fierce competition coming your way. 

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