This article was originally published in June 2018.

Chances are you've heard about the trade wars and insane comments President Trump has been making about Canada and our leader Justin Trudeau.

Some of his tweets and comments are pretty nasty and Americans are stepping in to reassure Canadians that they still love us and they're so sorry for how things are going down. 

While the messages and open letters are heart felt, even Canadians who are notorious for our kind ways and frequent apologizing, are finding the love from down south to be a bit much. 

Comments, open letters to Canadians, and heart felt "We still love you" posts are clogging up online platforms and sites, and the subreddit r/canada has had enough. 

To Americans who want to send us positive vibes and well wishes from r/canada

While many still appreciate the sentiment others are chiming in that words aren't enough in this case. Given the escalated trade situation and the devasting economic effects it will have in Canada, well wishes it seems are not going to cut it. 

In the world lately any time something goes wrong people are quick to jump in with their "thoughts and prayers" and move on with their lives, content that they've done their part. But recently people have been challenging that and saying it's time to take action and do more than just offer thoughts and prayers. The same situation is happening with American well-wishers. 

@dadsinplaidembedded via  

Canadians are urging those same well-wishers to do something to "fix the clusterf*ck" and others are still saying that words are great and all but they would "rather Americans do something about their trainwreck."

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