A number of Canadians have been boycotting Trump for a while now ever since his comments about Canada following the G7 summit and the tariffs he introduced. Now Americans are joining the boycott and even taking it one step further. 

A lot of Americans are not happy with how their president has been treating Canada and some of them want to let him know by buying Canadian products to show support. 

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On a recent Reddit thread, a lot of Americans have voiced their support for Canadians who are choosing to boycott US products right now but some have taken it a step further and asked which Canadian products they could buy. 

Canadians on the thread have been responding with all kinds of suggestions, some of which are sarcastic, but most seem to be actually helpful. 

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Obviously, the majority of people have suggested that Americans can buy some authentic Canadian maple syrup, while others have suggested a wide variety of items like Canadian clothing brands, Canadian wine from the Niagara region, and even music by Canadian bands and artists. 

Beyond that, some people pointed out that Americans may already be consuming Canadians products without realizing it, like if they drive a Canadian made car or fill it up with oil from Alberta. 

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A lot of Americans on the thread have also mentioned that they have subscribed to another subreddit called r/BuyCanadian in order to get more ideas for our to boycott Trump with their wallets. 

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