It looks like Americans are starting to see the greater appeal of Canada. As U.S. President Donald Trump continues to set America ablaze with scandal and controversy, many people are fantasizing the ‘Amerexit’ of various U.S. states.

Such fantasies were intensified after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted a motivational video expressing his commitment and devotion to Canadians across the country:

Some Americans were apparently won over by Trudeau’s charm, and proceeded to express their burning desire to leave Trump’s America and join Canada.

Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington were among the states proposed to become new provinces of Canada. Apart from some opposition from Trump supporters and Trudeau haters, most Americans and Canadians were receptive to the idea:

Talks of the annexation of various U.S. states have been going on ever since Trump took office back in November 2016. While such states may never become Canadian provinces in reality, the fact that Americans are even discussing the idea shows just how divided the American people are at the moment.

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