UPDATE, August 7th at 7:43 PM EST: Collin Obiagboso's body was retrieved from the St. Lawrence River on Monday. Police confirmed his identity on Tuesday evening and will be performing an autopsy to figure out the cause of death. 

After travelling to Montreal for Osheaga this past weekend, an 18-year old Ottawa resident is now missing. 

The boy, Collin Obiagboso, was last seen on Friday while attending the first day of the music festival, but no one has heard from or seen him since being lost in a crowd. 

Obiagboso's mother, Georgina Mensa Boboe, left Ottawa on Monday to travel to Montreal to find her son. She also spoke to CTV about his mysterious disappearance. 

It's been reported that Obiagboso first travelled to Montreal in late July. He was planning on meeting up with some friends in the city before attending the music festival the first weekend in August. 

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While his mother is concerned where her son is, originally she was not worried about him travelling due to the fact Obiagboso had lived in the city for 14 years previously. 

She told CTV that now she is "really, really scared" about what happened to her son. "Maybe something has happened to him you know and I’m not able to be there to help him as a mom," she said. 

There is a strange detail that one friend staying with Obiagboso revealed that made his disappearance more suspicious. 

The friend reported that before leaving the rental property where they were staying, the 18-year old left his wallet and cellphone there. This is especially questionable because of the type of event that Obiagboso was going to. 

Osheaga is a huge, crowded festival with beer tents and food. That means that the teen would have no cash or communications for anyone to get in touch with him. 

After being lost in a crowd, Obiagboso has not been seen or heard from since Friday. His mother is still concerned about his whereabouts and is continuing to look for him. 

Source: CTV News 


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