Air Canada is one of Canada's biggest airlines, but that doesn't mean it is our favourite. The company has terrible reviews online and their social media pages seemed to be filled with complaints about delayed or cancelled flights, lost luggage, and less than impressive customer service. 

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Their reputation is understandable, especially after hearing the news that an Air Canada flight recently shut down the runway at Japan's biggest international airport by completely messing up their landing. 

The Air Canada flight from Montreal had recently landed at Japan's Narita airport, which is their biggest international gateway when they somehow misunderstood directions and got lost on the runway. They ended up on a taxiway that was under construction and got stuck. 

The plane and over 200 passengers on board were stranded on the taxiway for hours and prompted the closure of the runway while they had to be rescued and towed back to the right spot. 

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The runway closure also caused the cancellation of six flights and led to others being diverted to other airports, inconveniencing thousands of passengers.

It's important to remember that everyone is human, including the pilots on that plane, and that means mistakes can happen. But Air Canada as a company is not looking too good right now. This is the third incident within the past year or so where Air Canada has completely messed up their landing. 

The previous incidents both took place at the San Fransico airport. In the first incident, the Air Canada flight almost landed on a taxiway instead of the runway. The plane was only 30 meters above another plane that was on the ground before they released and aborted the landing. 

In the more recent incident, traffic controllers at the San Fransico airport told an Air Canada flight they had clearance to land but then quickly changed their instructions and told them not to land yet because another plane was still on the runway. Despite giving the instruction verbally six times and once by light signal the Air Canada flight still came in for the landing. 

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Thankfully in all three of these incidents, no crashes occurred and no one was injured. The only thing hurt here was our Canadian reputation. 

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