Air Canada passengers got a serious fright on Monday evening after their plane made landing at New York's LaGuardia airport. The plane, which was transporting 142 passengers from Toronto's Pearson Airport, got sideswiped by another plane.

The plane, an American Eagle aircraft from St. Louis, scraped the wing of the Air Canada plane as it was attempting to make a turn on the runway. One injury was reported by a passenger on the American Eagle flight, a 38-year-old woman who experienced neck and back pain following the accident.

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Thankfully, both planes were able to make it to their gates safely and all passengers disembarked without issues. The Air Canada plane immediately went out of service for repairs.

This is the second time that an Air Canada plane full of passengers came dangerously close to a devastating collision. Last year, an Air Canada came just metres from smashing into another full plane as it made landing at San Francisco's airport. It would've been the "worst aviation disaster in history." A thorough investigation of the incident found the two Air Canada pilots entirely at fault for the near-disaster.

The following is a video of the terrifying incident captured by San Francisco's airport camera footage:

More recently, an Air Canada plane forced a complete shutdown of Japan's largest international airport. The plane, which was carrying over 200 passengers at the time, landed on a taxiway that was under construction and ended up getting stuck. The mishap caused six flights to get cancelled, and a full-blown rescue mission was launched to tow the plane out of the area.

As for yesterday's incident, it remains unclear which aircraft was at fault. But, most importantly, nobody was hurt.

Source: CBC


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