A meat shop in Edmonton, called The Meat Shop at Pine Haven, just got hit with a $15 million class action lawsuit after their products poisoned at least 36 people with E. coli bacteria. One person died and 11 others were hospitalized.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency found out that the bacteria was traced to pork products. The lawsuit is calling out the meat shop for not properly monitoring the processing and storage of their pork, and for failing to recall the contaminated pork quickly enough after people started getting sick.

Via The Meat Shop at Pine Haven Website

Tim Hofer, the meat shop's manager, says he's "more concerned than anybody" about what happened, and that his shop never had contamination problems in the past. They're doing everything they can to make sure their facilities are in top notch shape. 

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Hofer says he feels awful about the outbreak, and the business is his "livelihood." The said there were no red flags of contamination, especially because there were many families in the Pine Haven community who didn't get sick.

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For customers, it can be impossible to tell whether or not their meat is contaminated with E. coli. Even though E. coli bacteria is usually found in food that's been in contact with animal feces, the meat itself may not look or smell unusual. But, the bacteria is poisonous and can make you violently sick.

The lawsuit is asking for $15 million in compensation for physical and mental trauma, lost wages, medical expenses and a refund for all the products that were purchased.

Source: CBC

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