Ontario beach-goers got the worst scare imaginable this weekend after an "extremely intoxicated" driver plowed into the crowded sand with his minivan. Local police have since charged the man behind the wheel - 43-year-old Yourem Mako - with impaired driving.

The horrifying incident happened at around 11:30 AM at Port Dover Beach this past Saturday. In a video posted to Facebook, the van can be seen reversing off of the sand and into the parking lot,  almost hitting several people in its path.

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Then, the van takes off directly into a crowd of people, mowing down their belongings as the group scatters desperately out of the way. People can be heard screaming in panic. The van brakes to a stop, and dozens of people rush towards it to pull the driver out.

Local police say that bystanders restrained Mako until officers arrived. In addition to impaired driving, Mako has also been charged with dangerous driving and breach of probation.

Thankfully, everyone managed to escape the near-accident safely and nobody was hurt. According to the bystander who captured the incident on video, Mako's van was filled with empty alcohol bottles. As he was held down, Mako allegedly screamed, "you will all pay for this."

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"I just also wanted to say thank you to the Good Samaritans that assisted by removing that male from the vehicle," says Police Constable Ed Sanchuk. Thanks to the people who jumped in to help, the near-disaster was safely avoided.

Source: Huffington Post

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