While people have been obsessed with the Yayoi Kasuma exhibit, there has been some MAJOR drama at another popular exhibit in Toronto, that sounds like it's straight out of a movie script. 

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It all started over at the Yoko Ono exhibit that is currently being hosted at the Gardiner Museum in downtown Toronto. The interactive show has reached tons of art lovers looking to sneak a peak at Ono's past and recent works. Though it seems one visitor liked one piece so much she decided to take it home.

Via Toronto Police

The Toronto Star released security footage of a woman early this morning that they believe is behind the theft of a rock with sharpie on it piece of art work $17,500 USD which in Canadian is worth $22,000+ ...yikes.

Via Toronto Police

Via Toronto Police

Apparently the reason the thief was able to obtain the rock and leave without detection was due to the fact that the displays were very easily accessible considering it was an interactive exhibit.

As of now the police are looking to arrest the suspect on theft charges that carry a hefty $5,000 fine and are asking anyone who has any information to contact them at 416-808-5200.   

Source: Toronto Police

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