It is not unusual for people who are selling their homes to drop the asking price a little in order to increase interest in their property. However, in the case of Connie and Allan McIntosh, the $1.1 million dollar price reduction certainly has turned a few heads.

The property is a five bedroom, four bathroom, Colonial mansion located in the quiet Alta Vista neighbourhood in Ottawa. It has recently been renovated and modernized by the couple to feature marble countertops, wifi-connected appliances and brand new windows. The Ontario home is worth upwards of $1.1 million, yet is being gifted to a lucky Canadian who can prove they deserve it, for only $25.

The couple came up with the idea for a contest after struggling to find a serious buyer in the area. Speaking to journalists, Connie McIntosh said “it’s not a strong market for these sorts of million-dollar homes right now, so we decided we would have the contest. If we could give someone a benefit, then why not?”

For an opportunity to win, all the couple wants to know is why you think you deserve to live there. In 250 characters or less, they are asking “what would it mean to you to live in this house? What would it mean for your family? And then, how would you pay it forward?”.

The 1960’s property has received more than $350,000 worth of upgrades in recent years and features a sweeping curved staircase, a wine cellar, new bathrooms with heated flooring, two spacious decks and a landscaped garden. In order for the couple to earn back the money from their home, it would take close to 50,000 entries. Although this sounds like a lot, they are confident they’ll receive a significant response.

McIntosh said “it’s different and we know how people react to something different. But this is being done with every intention of helping someone. That’s our goal and we hope that that person will, in turn, be able to help someone. It could be a new immigrant who is looking to bring their family here with them.”

In order to remain within the boundaries of the law and in compliance with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, the couple introduced an entry fee and a ‘competition’ aspect so that the giveaway could not be considered an illegal lottery. Competitors will also be required to answer an initial skill-testing math question to dilute numbers.

Although details are yet to be finalized, the couple has a lawyer who is drawing up the rules. It is expected to run for an initial period of two months, with the ability to extend if necessary. Payments are likely to be taken via PayPal and entries are to be considered by four judges.

Full terms and conditions will be announced on June 13 when the competition begins with an open house for the media. The couple will reserve the right to cancel the competition if it doesn’t attract enough interest and all fees would be refunded.

For now, the full address will continue to be kept private for security reasons. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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