You're chances of winning big on Tim Horton's infamous Roll Up The Rim To Win Contest just got smaller. That's because just yesterday an Ontario couple won a car on Tim Horton's Roll Up The Rim

Oshawa resident, Edina R. claimed one of 40 Jeep Compass prizes this year. Tim Hortons announced the news on their Twitter yesterday, showing the Oshawa resident and her family standing beside a brand new car. They didn't confirm in their tweet which Oshawa location the winning cup was bought at, but this tweet does confirm something. Your chances of winning a car have just gone down. 

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At the start of Roll Up The Rim, there were 40 Jeep Compasses up for grabs in the contest but now that one of those has been claimed, there are only 39 left to win. Of course, if you factor in the possibility that some winning cups were accidentally thrown out (which is inevitable every year) that means that your chance of winning a Jeep could be even lower than that. 

Canadians have even realized that because of this win their chances of driving home in a brand new Jeep Compass are also significantly lower. They've taken to Twitter to express their jealousy. 

Fortunately for those people, there is still over a month until the contest ends on April 17, but their chances won't get any better. 

All hope is not lost though, there is one more way to win a Jeep this year. On top of the 40 cars available in the regular roll ups, Tim Hortons is also doing an online contest this year. 

In their Roll Up Social Contest, you can post one picture of yourself and a Tim Hortons roll up cup, even if it lost, every day for entry into the draw. The draw, which is held on March 13 is for another Jeep Compass. 

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The social contest ends on March 3, so today and tomorrow are your last days to enter. The regular Roll Up The Rim goes until April 17 or whenever they run out of cups, whichever happens first. 

If you do manage to win a car, you have until May 3 to claim it. 

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