There aren’t many things that could be more terrifying than waking up and finding a complete stranger in your room.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in an area of Hamilton near McMaster University. On multiple occasions in recent weeks.

The school, obviously wanting to protect its students from facing such an incident, is now taking action. 

Twice last month, women in the Westdale neighbourhood of Hamilton have reported incidents of strange men entering their homes while they were sleeping.

About a month ago, a man climbed in through a second story window and sexually assaulted the woman, according to police.

Just last week on August 28th, another woman in the area was woken up to the sound of a strange man opening her bedroom door. 

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McMaster University, which is close to the Westdale area of the city, has now issued a security alert in an effort to keep its students from falling victim to such incidents.

Another incident was reported just yesterday, according to the university. Details of what happened have not been released by police at this time.

It is too early to tell if the latest incident is in some way connected to the ones that occurred in the area last month, say police. 

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Police are reminding people to lock their doors and report any suspicious activity they see in the area.

Source: Global News

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