As the Conservative candidate, Andrew Scheer is the main representative of his party. That means that he typically will have to answer for other Conservative candidates. In one recent instance, it meant that Andrew Scheer had to address Faith Goldy being friends with Conservative candidate Justina McCaffrey.

McCaffrey and Goldy appeared together in a video surfaced by a number of Liberal candidates. In it, McCaffrey describes Goldy as her "best friend." Goldy, who ran for mayor of Toronto in 2018, was a contributor to Rebel Media. She has been banned from Facebook for promoting white supremacy and spreading hate speech.

A Conservative spokesperson defended McCaffrey, saying the video was from 2013. However, CTV News reporter Glen McGregor posted a photo of McCaffrey and Goldy on Twitter dated January 2017. McCaffrey refused to answer questions about her association with Goldy.


Andrew Scheer has been put on the defensive regarding McCaffrey's association with Goldy, as well as comments she made in the past about Justin Trudeau being "preoccupied" with Quebec. Scheer has said that he will accept any candidates who apologize for what they have said in the past.

"I accept the fact that people make mistakes in the past and can own up to that and accept that," Scheer told reporters during a flight, according to CBC News.

Scheer has also had to defend Mississauga-Streetsville candidate Ghada Melek, who had apparently made homophobic and Islamophobic remarks in the past. Melek was deemed "extremely controversial and problematic" by the Ontario PC Party.

Asked about Melek, Scheer told CTV News, "All I can tell you is that Ghada Malek has acknowledged that some of the comments that she had re-tweeted were insensitive and that she has taken responsibility for that, and I'm glad that she has."

A number of Canadians have pointed out other allegedly problematic candidates in the Conservative party on Twitter, using the hashtag #ScheerDisaster.



The Canadian federal election will take place on Oct. 21. According to the CBC Poll Tracker, as of Sept. 15, the Conservatives lead the Liberals by 0.1 percent.

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