It has only been around 24 hours since an old video of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer went viral on the internet, showing him openly slamming same-sex marriage. Things went from bad to worse for Scheer, as the Conservative Party official Twitter account then attempted to deflect from the video, but somehow managed to make everything much worse. Since then, things have hit an all time low for Scheer and his party, as some Conservative Canadians are now admitting that they no longer intend to vote for Scheer in October’s federal election.

With the federal election only two months away, now is a pretty bad time for the Conservative party to be losing any long-time or floating voters, particularly as polls predict there is an increasingly narrow margin between the two leading political parties. However, following the publicization of a controversial video of Scheer from 2005, it seems that a number of Conservative Canadians have had enough.

The video of Scheer went viral on Thursday, showing the political leader explaining blatantly why he felt gay marriage was ‘contradictory to nature.’ Naturally, the video caused widespread controversy, with thousands of Canadians speaking out against the Conservative leader’s comments.

The whole thing was made considerably worse when the official Conservative Party Twitter page got involved in the drama, posting a series of seemingly poorly-thought-out tweets, neglecting to apologize for Scheer’s comments, and deflecting all of his comments onto Liberal MP’s.

Now, it seems that Conservative Canadians have had enough of all of the drama and controversy, and are withdrawing their support from Scheer after hearing some of his comments in the 2005 video. 

While many Canadians did acknowledge that the video was years old, many pointed to the fact that Scheer and his party had failed to discuss, retract or even apologize for his offensive comments. At the time of writing, no official response to the video had been released by Scheer or the Conservative Party.

In a tweet using the hashtag #ScheerHomophobia, which has been trending on Canadian Twitter since August 22, one Twitter user wrote, “I am a fiscal conservative but socially liberal. I cannot in good conscience vote for Andrew Scheer. Congratulations @CPC_HQ you have guaranteed another Liberal gov.”

Another Canadian agreed with this tweet, responding to say, “So many of us are in the same position.” 

While another added, “I'm an independent voter and I will NEVER again vote @CPC_HQ. #AnybodyButScheer.”

While one can only assume they were trying to help, it seems the Conservative Party’s reaction to the controversy on Twitter made things a lot worse for Scheer. In response to the party’s bizarre nine-tweet thread, a number of Canadians took the opportunity to let the official Twitter page know they’d be taking their votes elsewhere in October’s federal election.

One Canadian explained, “The PCs are no longer a party for the people of Canada. Their hate speeches speak for themselves. I'm embarrassed, I used to be a left-leaning conservative.”

Another user simply said, “This conservative won’t vote for Scheer.”

This latest Scheer controversy comes hot on the heels of the latest installment of the Justin Trudeau / SNC-Lavalin scandal, leaving both political leaders in hot water in the run up to the federal election in October.

With only 58 days until Canada’s federal election in the fall, it really only remains to be seen what else could go wrong from here.

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