Election day is upon us, and though many Canadians have already cast their votes, it's not over yet. Some candidates are still campaigning right up until the finish line. In an emotional address to his country, Andrew Scheer just outlined his campaign promises and put forth one final plea for support. Andrew Scheer posted an open letter to Canada on Facebook at around 5 p.m. ET on voting day.

Andrew Scheer's open letter to Canada comes to us on the final day of his campaign as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. His emotional letter begins with a reflection upon the last six weeks. “My family and I have been across the country to share my plan to help you improve your daily life,” he wrote.

His letter goes on to recount each of the campaign promises he has made along the way in several Canadian cities, such as promising tax drops in Coquitlam, B.C., discussing a national energy corridor in Edmonton, A.B., a plan for making property more accessible in Vaughan, Ontario, and the list continues.

After citing the vows he has made over the past six weeks, Scheer goes on to speculate about what he believes Justin Trudeau was up to during that same time period.

"Justin Trudeau spent the same six weeks making billions of dollars promises without saying how he will finance them, while leaving the door wide open to a coalition government with the ndp in order to hang on to power," Scheer wrote in his Facebook post.

He goes on to say thank anyone who volunteered during his campaign or voted conservative. In an address to those who have not yet voted, he puts forth two options for voters to consider. “A Trudeau-NDP coalition that will increase taxes, kill jobs and harm the economy - or a conservative government that will live According to its means and put more money in your pockets so you can improve your daily life.”

Scheer’s letter ends with a number of additional vows to Canada. These include targeting illegal gun sales, harsher penalties for gang criminals, cancelling Trudeau’s tax increases, reducing global emissions, strengthening trade, and restoring the “equity, order and compassion of Canada's immigration system.”

Scheer concludes his statement by asking voters for their support and signing off with “Sincerely, Andrew.” The comments beneath the post include supportive messages like “Voted for your 2 hours ago. Best of luck!” And less supportive messages like “Good luck buddy, you’ll need it.” 

Judging by the comments on Scheer's open letter to Canada and the aggregate polls in recent weeks, it's tough to say what will come of the Canadian 2019 Federal Election.

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