On Wednesday morning, it was finally announced that the 2019 federal election campaign was officially underway. To celebrate the kick-off of his party’s campaign, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer took to Twitter to share a video of his new Conservative Party-themed Andrew Scheer private jet. The 35-second clip was met with criticism from Canadians, who called the party leader out for ‘hypocrisy’.

Just after 8 p.m. on Tuesday night, Andrew Scheer shared the short clip of the Conservative Party aircraft on his Twitter account, adding the caption, “We’re ready.” The 35-second video showed Scheer’s brand-new plane, which featured his campaign slogan 'It’s time for you to get ahead', and massive text that said, 'SCHEER 2019' along one side of the aircraft.

Canadians were quick to respond to Scheer’s Twitter post, with a number of people calling him out for his hypocritical behaviour. As Scheer repeatedly refers to himself as a middle-class Canadian, Twitter users took the opportunity to remind him that most middle-class Canadian families do not have access to a private jet.

One Twitter user joked, “Wow, just like the jets my parents flew when my sister and I were growing up middle class like you did!”

Another made a similar joke about Scheer’s self-proclaimed ‘middle-class’ life writing, “What a wonderfully middle-class multimillion dollar jet you have there, Andy. YOU'RE JUST SO RELATABLE.”

One user called Scheer out on his over-the-top choice of transport, noting that the rest of the main party leaders have got a campaign bus instead. The user explained, “Now we know who the “you” is in the slogan - the ones who can afford private jets. Most candidates show a bus in their campaign ads but not Andy “Middleclass” Scheer.”

In response to Scheer’s post, several Canadian Twitter users took the opportunity to make sarcastic jokes about how out-of-touch the Conservative leader’s post seemed to be. One person remarked, “Nothing screams “for the middle class” like a private jumbo jet for a political CAMPAIGN.”

While another made a similar joke, adding, “Nothing says fiscal responsibility and for the people like a giant ass private jumbo jet.”

This is the second time in just one week that Scheer has been accused of hypocrisy in a Twitter post. Over the weekend, Scheer shared a video of himself bashing Justin Trudeau, while simultaneously calling the Prime Minister out for launching ‘personal attacks’ on him.

The video was met with considerable criticism from many Canadians online, who accused Scheer of being more than guilty of making ‘personal attacks’ himself.

Political opponent, Maxime Bernier also called out the new plane. The People's Party leader took the opportunity to mention Justin Trudeau in his tweet as well. 

With polls reporting that the margins between the two leading parties are closer than ever, it remains to be seen how Canadians are going to vote when the election day finally comes. 

The Canadian federal election will be held on October 21, 2019.

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