For the past few months, it seems as if all Canadian political leaders have been in the spotlight when it comes to political turmoil. In fact, since the 2005 video of Scheer standing against same-sex marriage became viral, it seems that for some Canadians, Scheer can't get anything right. Today, Scheer posted a back to school tweet to wish his children a happy year of education, and many Canadians were quick to tear him apart over it. 

As a political figure, Scheer has definitely been on the brunt end of some hate. Like everyone who brings themselves into the political limelight, many Canadians have found ways to share their negative opinions on the leader. 

One of the most recent scandals that Scheer has been apart of, is a 2005 video that was released last month of the Conservative leader presenting a speech on why gay marriage shouldn't be legal. However, while Scheer has seemed to stay collected throughout this controversy, it seems that he just can't escape the hate. 

On Tuesday, Scheer posted some photos on Twitter, stating "Aaaand they're off! #BackToSchool". The two photos featured himself, his wife, and his four children as they all got ready for the first day of school. 

While the photo was meant to celebrate the happy family occasion, it seems that many Canadians are using this tweet as an opportunity to inform Scheer of their opinions of him as the conservative leader. 

However, despite the cute photos, many users targetting the photo by calling out Scheer on some of his political promises and actions. 

One Twitter user even went as far as to say, "You on your way to school too? Hope so." While another user states, "About as staged as the PM."

However, it's not just Scheer that is facing backlash for his back to school tweets. It seems that no matter which side Canadians stand on, all political leaders are facing the same amount of hate. 

Just last week, Trudeau also posted a back to school photo of his family, wishing everyone a happy back to school. While the photos were adorable, and seem to be slightly less staged that Scheers, Trudeau also faced a massive amount of backlash. 

Despite the hate, it seems that both political leaders are happy to be wishing their children, and Canadians a happy school year. 

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