With the federal election less than one short month away, things are definitely heating up between Canada’s politicians on social media. When Andrew Scheer attempted to call out Justin Trudeau on Twitter using a picture that wasn't actually of Canada, Liberal candidates were quick to get involved to correct him. However, not to be outdone, the Conservative Party also got involved in the mayhem, tweeting a pretty brutal ‘clap-back’ to the Liberals. Yikes!

It all started on Friday afternoon when Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer took to Twitter to call out Justin Trudeau as part of his campaign announcement. Sharing a photo of a subway station, Scheer wrote, "Under Justin Trudeau, critical infrastructure projects just aren’t getting built."

Andrew Scheer went on to add, "He’s made billions in promises to make your commute easier but hasn’t delivered. Justin Trudeau is #NotaAsAdvertised."

However, it seems like Scheer may have missed one small detail when sharing his post, that eagle-eyed Canadians were quick to point out for him. The picture of the subway station that Scheer shared to make his point, was actually in Chicago, and not in Canada at all!

Not prepared to let the matter slide, Liberal candidate François-Philippe Champagne also took to Twitter to call out the Conservative leader. Quoting the post from Andrew Scheer, Champagne added a zoomed-out version of Scheer's image, that proved the subway to be a U.S. stop.

He wrote, “Sorry Andrew, this is the State/Lake subway stop in Chicago.” He went on to use Scheer’s own anti-Trudeau logo against him, adding “#NotAsAdvertised.”

At around the same time, the former Principal Secretary to Justin Trudeau also got involved, taking the opportunity to poke fun at Andrew Scheer's mistake.

Sharing Champagne’s response to Scheer, Gerald Butts added, “Also, wasn’t this a Lemonheads album cover in the 1990s?”

The ‘shade-throwing’ continued, as the official Conservative Party Twitter page also decided to get involved in the drama.

Taking things one step further, the official party page quoted Butts’ response to Scheer, adding “Do you really want to talk about photos from the 90s?”

The party is likely referring to Justin Trudeau’s recent brownface scandal. Earlier this month, several photos of the Prime Minister from the 1990s and early 2000s resurfaced, in which he can be seen wearing black and brownface as a costume. Ouch!

In a study earlier this year, Canadians revealed that they believed the Canadian 2019 federal election was going to be one of the country’s nastiest yet, and it looks like they might just be right!

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