Us Canadians are known for being a pretty even-keeled group of people. We apologize - even when we aren't in the wrong, hold doors for strangers, and will probably help carry your heavy grocery bags to your car if we see you struggling. We're just that nice.

However there are a few things that we Canadians find so sacred, so important, so essential to our being that when it gets disrespected we just need to take a stand.

What could cause such outrage in us you ask? Well one reddit user felt real Canadian wrath when he posted a photo of his Buffalo Wing Cheese Fries and dared to call it a poutine.

The image was posted by user Chikabut in the r/food channel and in only 1 day it's received 1323 comments, 31.0k upvotes, and the thread has been shut down and reopened by a reddit moderator. The comments are unsurprisingly from very triggered Canadians across the nation, criticizing the poutine dish and giving their take on what qualifies as a real poutine.

The dish in question looks like this:

The poster said that he bought the "poutine" at a St. Louis Bar & Grill in Toronto, but that didn't stop Canadians everywhere from informing him just how sacrilegious it was to call it a Canadian poutine.

Moral of the story, don't mess with the Canadian poutine - EVER!

Source: Reddit

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