Mother nature has recently taken a toll on a beautiful Canadian landscape. In Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley arches that draw in tourists and locals alike have collapsed. This natural wonder and breathtaking site off the coast is lost forever. If you ever saw them, you're one of the lucky ones.

Canada is full of stunning natural landscapes and these reddish-brown wonders in Nova Scotia are no different.

According to The Weather Network, sometime in the last two weeks, the super Instagrammable landscape was brought down by strong tides.

However, the exact date within those two weeks that they collapsed still hasn't been figured out.

The arches are located off the coast of Annapolis Valley in the Bay of Fundy which boasts the highest tides on Earth.

Known as Paddy's Island, these keyholes off the coast were a spectacular sight during both low and high tide so whenever you went you were in for something great.

Since the tide fluctuates about 40 feet, you could actually walk through them when all the water was gone or paddleboard through them as the tide rose.

Now, all of that is a thing of the past thanks to mother nature.

Melanie Haverstock, a local who visited the arches, told Narcity that so many people loved that place.

"We have hiked there for years and watched the changes but this has been the most dramatic change in years," she said of the collapse.

Back in August 2019, The Weather Network took part in a paddle-boarding tour of the arches and its organizer raised concerns about their future.

"With storms and rising sea levels its getting so that you know maybe 10, 20 years we won't have them anymore," said Mia Lockhart.

Lockhart's predication happened a lot earlier than expected.

If you were able to see these natural wonders in person before they collapsed, count yourself lucky.

Since this natural wonder is a popular tourist destination and a draw for people visiting the area, it's unclear if their collapse will have an effect on nearby towns.

Now, these arches will only live on through photos and videos from people who visited and took in their beauty before they collapse.

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