Following the release of their brand new iPhone trio - XS, XS Max, and XR - Apple announced today that more of their tech products are getting an upgrade. Get ready for the iPad Pro and the redesigned MacBook Air.

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Apple is calling their iPad upgrade the biggest change to the device in eight years. The iPad Pro will be 5.9mm thinner than the original and its screen is nearly edge-to-edge. It will feature a pencil that magnetically connects to the side of the device and charges automatically.

Similar to the new iPhones, the gadget will no longer feature a home button. Users will swipe the screen to navigate through apps and pages. The iPad Pro will have Face ID technology.

The gadget will also support USB-C which means the iPad can be connected straight to any monitor to turn it into a workspace. The USB-C will also allow you to charge your phone from it.

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The 11-inch iPad Pro will start at $999 and the 12.9-inch will start at $1249.

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Along with the iPad Pro comes the new MacBook Air. It will be 25 percent lighter than the original - as if that was even possible. It will weigh a tiny 2.75 pounds and be made out of 100% recycled aluminum to help reduce the carbon footprint.

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The new laptop will also have a more responsive keyboard as well as Touch ID technology. However, noticeably missing is the TouchBar feature which was introduced to the product two years ago. It proved to be unpopular with users and was eventually scrapped.

The new MacBooks will start at $1499.

Pre-orders for both of these products start today and they will be available in store on November 7th.

If that news isn't exciting enough, Apple users can also upgrade their devices to the iOS 12.1 software today. The update will feature the highly anticipated new group FaceTime feature as well as over 70 new emojis. Eeek!

Source: CNN, Apple

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