Apple has been all anybody has talked about this past week on social media, and definitely not in a good way. Their recent decision to admit that they do in fact slow down older models of iPhones to push customers to buy newer models protect the phone, resulted in public outrage. Tons of loyal Apple users took to Twitter to voice their distaste with the company's actions and many have rallied together to sue. 

While many were skeptical as to if the claims were actually true, it didn't take long for people to do their own digging and realize that it was, in fact, true that Apple was tampering with phones through software updates. 

Rightly so, people were pissed and the threats thrown around weren't empty ones considering there is currently a $999 billion dollar lawsuit against the company. Which begs the question as to why Apple even decided to spill the beans on their unethical practices. 

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Considering that right now there is a ton of money at stake and the company's credibility, it comes as no surprise that Apple has quickly released discount for users in efforts to apologize to their customers. While it doesn't seem like a huge deal that they are also releasing a statement apologizing for the blunder, this is actually one of the very few times that the company has actually issued a public apology. People were expecting some sort of compensation but definitely not this: 

In addition to the apology to their customers, they've cut the price of their replacement batteries which before would run you $79, but now will only cost you $29. While we've got no clue if Apple will continue to slow down older models with the introduction of newer phones past the 8+ and X, at least a new battery won't cost you nearly as much as before! 

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