Canadians have all sorts of favourite snacks from Tim Hortons. Whether it be the classic original glazed donut, delicious bite-sized Timbits, or even a savoury breakfast wrap with Beyond Sausage, there is usually something for everyone in good old Tim’s. However, when Ontario band Arkells tweeted their new favourite item on the Tim Hortons menu, it definitely left some people scratching their heads.

In a tweet posted by the Arkells official Twitter account on Friday afternoon, the band expressed their new-found love for the unusual Tim Hortons snack, writing, “Consumer report: @TimHortons jalepeno and cheddar egg bites stand up to any other egg bite on the market.”

The mini review went on to say, “Actually kind of blown away. Or I’m just very hungry. Either way I recommend.”

While their post did have almost one hundred likes, it seems the majority of Canadians are not on the same page as Arkells when it comes to Tim Horton’s jalepeno and cheddar ommelette bites. In fact, it appears that a lot of people actively disagree with them.

In a seperate post, one Canadian Twitter user even wrote, “The new Cheddar and Jalapeno egg bites from Tim Hortons taste like literal ass. Please don't @ me to ask how I know what ass tastes like.”

The Tim Hortons jalapeno and cheddar omelette bites are actually a pretty new addition to their menu, created to go alongside their classic bacon and cheese omelette snack. 

On their website, Tim Hortons describes their Jalapeno and Cheddar Omelette Bites as, “a protein-packed snack with a spicy kick.” However, Canadians on Twitter described it in a lot less-flattering terms.

While it seems that few Canadians on social media gave the new bites a try, many of those who did ended up disappointed by the snack.

One user wrote, “Hey @TimHortons the jalapeño and cheddar omelette bites I just got are disgusting and unbeatable. Trying to understand how you consider that food even.”

Despite the negative reviews, there were a few people who agreed with Arkells, tweeting that Tim Horton’s new omelette bites were actually pretty good.

One Canadian Twitter user also recommended the bites to her followers, writing, “Jalapeño cheddar egg bites from Tim hortons are an 8.5/10. Recommend.”

While another simply added, “If you haven’t tried @TimHortons  Jalapeño & Cheese omelette bites you’re missing out so much!!”

According to the Tim Hortons website, the Jalapeno and Cheddar Omelette Bites are limited edition, and will only be available for a short time! If you want to make up your own mind about the snack, you can head over to a Tim Hortons near you and try it for yourself!

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