The #TimesUp protest at the Golden Globes that involved nearly every attendee wearing black or a #TimesUp pin is still being talked about weeks after the event. Though with the Grammys coming up, many have been wondering if there will be any kind of outfit protest considering how vocal many artists have been these past few months in regards to sexual assault. 

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While there does seem to be a trend starting, this time it won't involve artists arriving wearing black. Instead, the artists who are joining the movement are being asked to wear a white rose. Singers Dua Lipa, Halsey and Kelly Clarkson have already noted that they will be taking part, and it's assumed that many others will be joining in the next few days. 

The planned demonstration was coordinated by Meg Harkins and Karen Rait who both play prominent roles at Roc Nation and Interscope. While the idea is starkly different from the Golden Globes display, Rait notes that she received a blessing from the original #TimesUp group to encourage artists to arrive wearing a white rose to the Grammys. 

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The symbolic ode to the #TimesUp campaign is meant to keep the conversation about sexual assault alive and bring it into the music community as it is just as prevalent of a problem as it is in the movie industry. Considering how outspoken some musicians can be, it will be interesting to see what the white roses spark in terms of interviews on the red carpet. 

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