Hurricane Michael swept across the East Coast last week, leaving devastation and damage in its wake. The area hit hardest was without a doubt, Florida, especially the panhandle region. 

Ever since the storm cleared, search and rescue missions have been underway. At least 11 people were killed in the storm and now they are currently searching for around 1000 people that are still missing after the storm. 

Florida wasn't the only place hit by Michael, though. Newfoundland and the rest of Atlantic Canada have also fallen victim to the storm, as it tracked through the area over the weekend. Extreme weather continues to hit the region today. 

Despite the storm moving east, the 100 km/hour winds are sticking around. Right now, Environment Canada has at least 30 severe weather warnings in effect in Newfoundland alone. The warnings encompass everything from rain to wind and even winter storm and snowfall warnings. 

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On top of the 30 warnings in Newfoundland, there are another 20 special weather statements and warnings in New Brunswick because of the wind. There are five more severe wind warnings in Nova Scotia and PEI as well. 

According to one of the wind warnings, winds in the area are going to be anywhere from 80 to 120 km/hour, which can damage roofs, buildings, and anything that isn't well secured. 

The damaging winds are going to continue blowing through Atlantic Canada today and into tomorrow, not dying down until Wednesday night. Some parts of Newfoundland, snow warnings predict up to 15 cm of snowfall in the next couple of days. 

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