It's Christmas shopping season and for many of us, Amazon makes checking things off your list a whole lot easier. However, one man in Ontario is calling out the delivery service for an unpleasant surprise. The Woodbridge man claims that he received a bag of pills inside his Amazon order, which he hoped to give his eight-year-old niece. 

In a lengthy Facebook post, Vishal Solanki shared his experience as a warning to others, especially as the holidays are just around the corner.

According to the post, Solanki ordered an art set from Amazon with his Prime membership. When he received the package the next day, he says that something about it didn't look right.

"Since the Art Set came in an unmarked box, I wanted to ensure that it was in fact what I had ordered. I cut open the box and what fell out of the box shocked me and has me extremely disturbed and upset!!" wrote Solanki.

"It very well could be somebody's prescription pills, but why in a baggie like that?" Solanki said in a phone interview with CBC News

The baggie came filled with different types of pills, sizes and colours.

This is where Solanki apparently came across the small bag of pills and contacted Amazon customer service immediately.

Amazon has apparently apologized for the error and said they would send a new art-set to Solanki but he isn't impressed with the email that was sent.

“Unfortunately, sometimes unavoidable mistakes happen," reads the email.

“I am truly sorry that we were not able to fulfill your expectations for this level of service. I hope that you will honor us with another opportunity to prove the quality of our service to you in the future.”  

According to CBC, two of the pills appeared to be packaged, labelled "alphachymotrypsin". In the mix of loose pills, one of them is stamped as "Mekophar".

Apparently, alphachymotrypsin is an enzyme that isn't approved in Canada. Mekophar is the name of a Vietnamese pharmaceutical company, said Dr. David Dubins, director of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist Program at the University of Toronto, to CBC News.

In the email, an Amazon representative also said the company would be sending a replacement art set and asked Solanki to dispose of the one he received.

Narcity has reached out to Amazon for a comment. We will update the story once we hear back.


According to CBC, Solanki spoke to Amazon customer service and was assured it would be dealt with.

If you're buying gifts online this holiday season, always make sure to double-check them before you wrap them up. You never know what might be in there, apparently.

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