It's amazing what some people would do for the perfect selfie. Over the weekend, onlookers were horrified to spot two travellers dangle themselves over frothing rapids in what looked to be a photo shoot. Even though the Banff photo stunt ended without anyone getting hurt, one witness said it could've gone so much worse.

Meaghen Sendyk was hiking with her daughter on Saturday afternoon, July 26, when she spotted what looked to be an emergency rescue roughly 50 metres from Bow Falls. When she went for a closer look, however, she noticed that one person had their phone out.

"I quickly realized after watching for about a minute or so, even before I started taking the video, that this was a selfie operation," said Sendyk to Narcity.

Her film showed one person dangling off the side of a cliff, their feet above just the frothing water. They hung on by the root of a nearby tree while their friend stood watch close by.

"It was evident that these two had hopped the fence and got fairly close to the rushing water to take selfies," she said. "And from the video, it's easy to see that there was no safety gear helmets ropes, etc."

Sendyk posted the video to Facebook group Hike Alberta, where it quickly gathered hundreds of likes and just as much outrage from concerned hikers.

For Sendyk herself, the video was "extremely frustrating." She loves the mountains, and the stunt felt disrespectful.

"I view the mountains as something to really savour and enjoy. And it's evident to me if you're hanging on a tree root next to the water, taking selfies, it's really not about the experience or enjoying the scenery," she said.

The selfie-taker finally climbs up from their post by the water and safely escaped their situation. However, Sendyk reminded that it could have ended much worse.

"Please don’t put your life or the lives of your would-be rescuers on the line for the sake of a post on social media," she wrote on Facebook.

After all, she said, many others have died in very similar situations by veering off the path.

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