Someone caught a super confusing creature on video in Waterton

According to CBC's radio show, Calgary Eyeopener, Stuart Mair took a video of the winged critter over the weekend. He thought it was a hummingbird at first. 

After talks with an entomologist and horticulture instructor at Olds College, Ken Fry, the insider discovered that it’s actually a bug. A hawk moth to be exact.

Apparently they have a number of traits that would get them confused with hummingbirds such as their speed, their love for flowers, and their beak-like mouth.”

Fry explained that he normally hears of a few sightings this time of year and that these babies can get pretty huge. He said the caterpillars can be about as big as a human finger. We can’t decide how we feel about that little tidbit.

Via CBC News 

This article's cover photo is for illustrative purposes only. 

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