Things went batsh*t crazy in the Ontario town of Cobourg on Tuesday evening. That may seem coarse, but what else would you say when a bat crashes a Cobourg council meeting? We must admit and this is one for all you fans of "The Office" out there, we half expected Dwight Schrute to pop up with a gas mask and a garbage bag.

According to Northumberland News, the Cobourg town council was close to wrapping up a long meeting at Victoria Hall when a furry flying intruder decided to wreak havoc.

The bat interrupted the meeting for around 10 minutes. Video taken from the session shows those in attendance trying to force the animal out of the chamber and into a back room.

Bat an eyelid at this video:

After a tense standoff between bat and humans, councillors were able to shepherd the bat into another room and shut the door. Maintenance staff were then called to deal with the bat and the council was able to resume, although we imagine they were probably somewhat distracted for the rest of the session.

According to a post on, the building's security was called. The fate of the bat is ultimately unknown. 

Now, we can't be the only ones who were left thinking of a certain notorious scene from "The Office" after viewing this video. 

In the season 3 episode "Business School", a bat gets into the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office and truly causes chaos before Dwight, the office's self-appointed safety guru who rarely deals with anything in an appropriate way, takes decisive action.

Well, we're glad the Cobourg incident didn't end in the bat being trapped inside a garbage bag around somebody's head, if we're being totally honest.

It would have been a real shame to see someone end up like poor Meredith from "The Office", who ultimately contracted rabies from the incident after being assaulted — sorry, saved — by Dwight.

After all, apart from the obvious health and safety issues, who would have had time for the "Town of Cobourg Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro-Am Race for the Cure" that would have inevitably been necessary?

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