As the nation-wide search for suspected murderers Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod continues into its tenth day, residents of Ontario are beginning to feel uneasy as rumours circulate that the two fugitives could have recently travelled from Manitoba to Ontario. 

On Wednesday July 31, Ontario Provincial Police confirmed that they had received reports of two “suspicious” individuals driving a white vehicle near Highway 11 in Kapuskasing, Ontario, at 10:30 PM. The caller believed the men in the car to be the missing murder-suspects, Schmegelsky and McLeod.

Reports suggesting that the fugitives could've entered Ontario have come just hours after Manitoba RCMP revealed they would be scaling down their search operations in the areas of York Landing and Gillam, Manitoba as there had not been a confirmed sighting of the pair since July 25. While the initial hunt for the duo had been focused there, police confirmed that search operations in the area would be slowing down, as no evidence of the pair was uncovered during their extensive search.

While Gillam is located more than 2,300 kilometres from Kapuskasing, local police are taking the alleged sighting pretty seriously. According to Global News, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were not able to confirm the potential sighting of the men believed to be Schmegelsky and McLeod, however they did note that the sighting was being investigated and said that, “The OPP is...actively looking for the vehicle.”

Schmegelsky and McLeod, who are only 18 and 19 respectively, are wanted Canada-wide in relation to the murder of Vancouver man Leonard Dyck, and the double-murder of international couple Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese. A national arrest warrant has been issued for the Port-Alberni pair, but police have been unable to locate them, initially believing them to have escaped into the Manitoba bush.

However, one reporter tweeted about the alleged sighting on Wednesday in Ontario, writing, “OPP is looking into a possible sighting of the two BC fugitives which allegedly happened this morning in Kapuskasing. I spoke with the woman who says she was the first person to tell OPP about this incident.”

She added, “She says two young men in a white Ford Focus pulled up next to a construction worker near the Comfort Inn and brandished a gun. She says they gave the worker the finger and drove off.”

The reporter concluded, “She says she reported the incident to OPP because he was so shaken and upset.  She says he was crying and was certain the men in the car matched the descriptions of the BC fugitives.”

Police have confirmed that they have received no resources from Manitoba RCMP to assist with the possible Ontario-sighting. Now, residents of the province are feeling pretty uncomfortable with the idea of the two alleged triple-murderers may be loose in the province. 

The Ontario Police have confirmed that they are currently receiving ‘dozens’ of calls in relation to the alleged murderers, but they are yet to be verified. Police also reminded the public to pass on any tips or hints directly to the police, rather than sharing them on social media.

On Tuesday, RCMP Assistant Commissioner Jane MacLatchy noted that police have not ruled out the possibility that the two young-men are now deceased.

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