B.C. conservation officers were in for a spooky rescue this month after they were called to a location due to a situation where thousands of animals were found in one home. While most hoarding situations often pertain to cats, these officers had to deal with a more scaley situation after thousands of spiders, scorpions and reptiles were discovered in a single home. Charges for the owner of the home are currently pending. 

According to CBC, Surrey bylaw officers were inspecting the property earlier this month for a different reason when they found multiple reptiles and turtles on the patio in the back. 

Facing some concern for the animals, they were quick to call B.C. conservation officers, who came to the rescue. Officers quickly discovered that this, in fact, was a hoarding situation as thousands of scorpions, spiders, and turtles were found throughout the house, most of them being illegal to own under the Wildlife Act. 

Among the animals, investigators rescued six boxes of turtles, 80 scorpions, seven centipedes, 300 adult spiders, a black widow spider with 500 of her babies (Yes, I said 500), and almost 1,400 baby scorpions. 

Living in poor conditions, the animals were suffering from lack of food and water and were stored in deli cups. 

What makes matters even worse, is that a large number of these animals were also venomous, which is illegal under Surrey bylaws. 

While some of the non-venomous animals were transferred to Dewdney Animal Hospital and some were also donated to the Victoria Bug Zoo, a majority of the insects that were discovered in the home needed to be 'destroyed'.

Head veterinarian Adrian Walton states that it was possible that these animals were going to be part of the wild pet trade. 

Charges are currently pending for the owner of this home, as this is the second time that they have been found with wild animals on their property. 

Sadly, hoarding isn't as uncommon as we may think. This year alone, multiple hoarding cases have been discovered across the nation. 

Earlier this year, 300 cats were rescued from a hoarding situation in Toronto, while 79 cats were rescued from a home in Regina this month. 

*Disclaimer: cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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