Yesterday on May 27, 2019, a BC Liberal spoke at the House of Commons in Ottawa. In order to prove a very important point about climate change, BC Liberal MP Terry Beech brought his baby to the House of Commons. Holding the infant in a baby carrier, he talked about the importance of addressing climate change and how it can impact the next generation. 

Beech, who represents the BC riding of Burnaby North-Seymour, spoke in support of a liberal motion for the House to declare a national climate emergency. 

In order to get this message across, Beech brought his five-month-old daughter Nova along with him. In videos that have surfaced online, you can see Beech proudly holding Nova as he gives his nine-minute speech; even rocking her side to side the entire time.

“This is her first trip to Ottawa. I thought there would be no better opportunity for her to visit this House than during a debate on the defining issue of our generation,” says Beech in his opening statements. 

During his report to the House, Beech addresses a recent report conducted by the United Nations. This report calls for a major cut to greenhouse gas emissions to keep global warming below 1.5ºC. 

Beech states that humans have already warmed the planet to a full degree above “pre-industrial levels.” He noted that if we were to continue on the path of doing nothing, the planet would effectively increase in temperature by 1.5 degrees between his daughter's 12th and 34th birthday. 

The Liberal MP stated that the fight against climate change should not be partisan, but rather it should be what brings Parliament together. 

Following the thought-provoking display, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna took to Twitter to show her support for both Beech and Nova.

“It's important to remember why we're here and who we're doing this for,” wrote McKenna on Twitter. “If we're going to ensure our kids have a cleaner future, we need to start working together. They're counting on us and they deserve nothing less.”

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