It may become a whole to harder to vape in BC. According to a recent statement, the BC Liberals are looking to ban selling of flavoured vape juice in stores. Since the announcement was publicly made yesterday on April 11, 2019, people have had a lot of mixed reactions.

Yesterday, Todd Stone, an MLA for the BC Liberals, publicly announced on his Twitter that he would be actively fighting against vaping products. So how exactly will he do this? According to his statement, Stone is attempting to ban the selling of flavoured vape juice within BC. 

The video announcement started off with Stone stating that vaping has become “an emerging addiction.” He also said that it is becoming much more common amongst youth. According to him, around 30% of kids in grades 10 to 12 are vaping. 

Since Stone is concerned with the younger generation and their vulnerability to addiction, he is proposing the banning of all flavoured vape juice. This would inherently impact adult smokers as well. Stone is wanting to ban these vape products by introducing the VAPE Act 2019. 

According to Stone, this bill will work on three key elements. One would be the total banning of the flavoured vape juice. This would mean that you could no longer purchase them in stores. Stone states that these flavours are particularly targeted towards kids and we need to “get them out of the retail system.”

The act would also work to “tighten the retail network.” By this, Stone is calling for the retailing of vapes and vape products to be limited to certain types of stores. If the legislation is passed, this would mean that vape paraphernalia including vape juice would only be sold in tobacco stores, pharmacies, and designated vape stores. 

If people do not comply with the bill's restrictions, there will be “significantly tightened penalties.” While Stone did not go into much detail surrounding the legalities of this, he did state that those who don’t comply with the regulations would be punished. 

Stone stated on Twitter that vaping and e-cigarette’s among youth has hit epidemic proportions in BC. “A generation of kids are succumbing to nicotine addiction. It is baffling and simply dangerous that more is not happening immediacy to quell this. Government needs to act on this now,” said Stone. 

At the end of the video, Stone calls the NDP Government to come forward and support VAPE Act 2019 “for the health and safety of our kids.” Stone is also calling for intervention at the middle and high school level. This would mean providing evidence-based vaping awareness, prevention, and support programs to youth.

Since the bill was announced, people have been commenting on Stone’s video. So far, the reactions are mixed. A large number of people are thrilled with this act and believe it is long overdue. 

Many others are concerned that it will be impossible to purchase the product even if you are an adult.

The exact date as to when this act could come into effect in the province is currently unclear.

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