Some really bizarre wildlife encounters happen in Canada, and this one is no exception. Canada is known for being full of animals like deers, but this wildlife story is definitely not something you hear every day. Oh dear! A B.C. man actually brought a live deer into a liquor store with him. 

He has now been charged for the incident, for unlawful possession of wildlife, says the BC Conservation Officer Service. The incident took place in Invermere, a small town in B.C. near the Alberta border. 

The BC Conservation Officer Service also said that they have since brought the fawn back into the wild and reunited it with its mother. 

They posted a photo of the wild fawn on their Twitter one hour ago on Thursday and shared details about the incident with the public.  

"COS tracked down a male who carried this fawn into a liquor store. CO's returned to the fawn to the location it was found and used an electronic call to reunite the fawn with its doe. COs charged the male for unlawful possession of the fawn," reads the tweet from the BC Conservation Officer Service.  

According to Summerland Review, B.C. Conservation officer Greg Kruger got a report about the incident and identified the man through the liquor store's surveillance footage.

Both the man and the deer were then found together at an Invermere home, Summerland Review reports. After, the officer brought the deer back to the location where it was allegedly first found by the man.

“Once there, Kruger used an electronic call that mimics fawn vocalization,” said the CO Service, Castanet reports. “Almost immediately, a mature white-tailed doe ran to the location and was reunited with the fawn.”

Currently, it is not known how and why the man kept the wild deer with him. 

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