Two kayakers ended up getting up-close-and-personal with a pod of B.C. orcas, during their weekday paddle. The whale gang skipped along the surface, diving in and out of the ocean and spouting water from their blowholes. The sight made at least one person's day!

Sarah Boland took the video from Whytecliff Park on Tuesday night, June 17. She told Narcity that she and her friends were sitting on the cliff, looking out at the sunset, when they heard the sounds of blowholes.

Acting quickly, she managed to catch the whole encounter on film. In her video, you can see what looks to be three orcas, rising out of the water in a synchronized motion.

"They came so close to shore and I was literally shaking from excitement and as you can hear in the video, screaming," she explained via email.

The whales then approached the two kayakers in the water, before carrying on and swimming away.

"The people in the kayaks didn't seem scared or anything, it looked like the person in the yellow kayak was getting a selfie with them," she continued. "Everybody on the cliffside was standing and watching. It was unreal."

Boland said that, in her ten years of living in B.C., she'd never seen orcas like that in the wild and so close to land, too.

While orcas are known to frequent Canadian waters, it's rare to spot them close to shore — according to Vancouver Aquarium. Most encounters occur a lot further away from land.

Over Instagram, Boland said seeing the creatures in person really brightened up her day.

"I was actually having a pretty shitty day that day, I've had a lot of personal stuff going on the past 6 months and it was hitting me hard on Tuesday," she wrote.

She decided going out with friends might help raise her spirits, but didn't expect to spot a pod of friendly whales waiting for her.

"When I saw whales, all my worries had washed away. I was in awe. To see them swimming freely in the ocean and so close was amazing and It made me happy," she wrote.

"And to sound like a TOTAL cheese ball it felt like it was a sign that good things are coming."

It sounds like everybody involved had a whale of a time!

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