It’s been a busy time at one animal welfare organization on the west coast. More adorable furry friends are looking to find their fur-ever homes. A B.C. SPCA husky that was rescued in December had puppies, and now people can get a second chance at taking one home. 

When 17 husky babies and two adult dogs were surrendered to the B.C. SPCA in December 2019, people jumped at the chance to adopte the little ones, and give them their fur-ever homes at the start of 2020.

It turns out that one of the adult dogs was pregnant when she was brought to the animal welfare organization to be cared for.

Now she’s had a litter of her own and the B.C. SPCA is already looking to find the fur babies loving homes.

If you wanted to get a little one from this litter, you might be out of luck unless you already submitted an application back in January.

"We are not accepting new applications at this time because we received more than 1200 applications for the 17 puppies in January, so we are approaching these individuals regarding adoption first," said Lorie Chortyk, B.C. SPCA general manager of communications, in a news release.

So people who weren’t able to get a pup last time will have a second chance now.

The owner of the surrendered dogs appealed to have them returned but the B.C. SPCA ended up being granted legal custody of four adult huskies along with the new litter born in its care.

"We are pleased that the board recognized that it would not be in the best interests of these dogs to return to their former environment," Chortyk said.

The location of the cute canines isn’t being disclosed by the organization because of safety concerns.

On December 24, 2019, the animals were transferred to a local B.C. SPCA branch by animal control who responded to a complaint the night before.

The dogs and the eight to 10-week-old puppies were found living outside in the snow and the cold without enough food or water.

All of them were treated for parasites and other medical issues at the local branch before they were put up for adoption.

The 17 puppies from that rescue were given northern-themed names like Yukon and Aurora and all have since been adopted.

If you submitted an application for one of the original puppies in January but didn’t get to take one home, you might get your second chance now with the new litter.

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