All anyone can talk about right now is the two teens from B.C. that allegedly murdered three individuals. It looks as though some individuals are capitalizing on the tragedy after an ad was published on Kijiji selling the boat the two B.C. teens used during the nation-wide manhunt. 

RCMP have stated that 19-year-old Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky are suspected of killing three individuals including Lucas Fowler, a 23-year-old Australian man, and Chynna Deese, a 24-year-old American woman.

During the Canada-wide search for the teens, multiple suspicious items were found including a burnt vehicle and an overturned and damaged aluminum boat. 

Manitoba RCMP first mentioned the boat on Aug. 4, 2019. According to a public tweet, the RCMP stated that the damaged aluminum boat was found by RCMP officers on the shores of the Nelson River during a helicopter search. 

This boat has resurfaced in a new way following a Kijiji advertisement. According to the Vancouver Sun, the boat was reportedly posted for sale on the popular website. 

The original post stated that the boat would cost someone "$5,000. According to the National Post, the advertisement said the boat was a “practically brand new 14′ Jon Boat.”

The post was asking for such a high price due to its “celebrity status.” The poster followed up by stating “No trailer or motor. Serious inquirers only.”

According to a screengrab of the ad captured by the Vancouver Sun, the poster stated the boat was "recently seen on CBC and many other news outlets in Canada." 

RMCP were made aware of the ad and have stated that the photo was taken from their Twitter account. Officials have confirmed to the National Post that this was a fake advertisement as the original boat is still in the possession of the RCMP. 

According to the National Post, the ad was posted from Thompson, Manitoba and had been viewed over 12,000 times. While the motives behind the ad are unclear, it has since been taken down from Kijiji. 

On Aug. 7, 2019, Manitoba RCMP stated that two bodies were found that were believed to be Schmegelsky and McLeod. Although officers were unable to answer many questions, Manitoba RCMP’s Assistant Commissioner, Jane MacLatchy, stated that an autopsy was necessary before confirming the identifies of the bodies and the causes of death. 

Following the discovery of the two bodies, the internet was overcome with reactions that ranged from relief to frustration in terms of the length of the investigation. 

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